Corporate business awareness work;

This includes: training workshops; business to business consultancy around both general organisational issues; the need to address 'required' business changes and the more individual employee concerns that a company may wish to have advice on and/or direct support on a fully confidential basis. An example may be: where an employer has difficult decisions to make and an independent support would be helpful for either party in order to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome; where an employer wishes to support directly or give contact details to an employee relating to a therapy provision; small group training around working relationships; dealing with organisational change and the impacts on personal life.

We welcome direct discussion to allow us to support our local business community. All work is costed according to work specification as agreed.

Individual Client therapy;

Therapy is a confidential space for you to talk about any problems or issues no matter what they may be, with a qualified professional there to listen and 'hear' you without judgement or preconceived ideas. Therapy is very different to talking to friends and family who may want to influence your decision path out of genuine concern and to whom you may feel unable to talk with complete freedom. Reflective feedback is offered to you from a place of qualified experience not judgement or criticism.

Therapy provides the professional relationship where you can start to understand how past and present experiences and current behaviours may be linked; explore the unthinkable; the fears and dreams in your life with positive purpose. Our time together is a vibrant space in which we delve purposefully your thoughts and feelings in a group or individual setting.

Counselling, psychotherapy theoretical approaches include:

  • Integrative therapy
  • Brief solution focused
  • Client centred
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Transactional analysis
  • Addiction counselling: including family support; twelve step facilitation and relapse prevention work.
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Solution based therapy

Both email and telephone contact is welcomed. If I am unavailable at the time of your call, please leave your name and contact details clearly, (both are confidential lines) and I will endeavour to talk direct to you between 5pm and 6pm that day.

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